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Family Secret Santa Charity Shop Stick or Twist game! | 24 days of Christmas 2017 | Day 8

Family Secret Santa Charity Shop Stick or Twist game

This is a great activity to do with the children over Christmas and teaches them that you can give to charity by buying things second hand and still be equally lovely as items brought brand new. It’s fun hunting down charity shop treasures and you’re doing something good with your money.

You can also do this at a dinner party, with work or at a family gathering. Give everyone a budget, theme and tell them to wrap their gift. It’s a great laugh and different to your usual secret Santa.  

Depending on the age of the children adapt it to suit your family.

Set everyone a budget!

Go to your local charity shops and use the budget to buy a secret Santa gift that its subtle for anyone in the family and then wrap them. If they are more aimed for a child then they must be marked “for adult” “for child” etc. you can use a theme, like useless, funny, or decent gifts. If you buy more than one in your budget they must be wrapped together or you will have an odd number of gifts. Try to make the shapes interesting get creative you could use cardboard to help.


Write all the names down of who’s playing the game and put them in a hat. Pick a name at random. That person needs to choose a gift from the centre of the table and hold it next to them.

The second person chooses a gift, they can either keep it, swap it with the other person if they agree or steal and the other person gets left without a present and the gift they don’t want gets put back into the centre of the table, everyone gets a maxim of 3 steals before they have to keep what they have. Keep going around until everyone is left with a gift and all had a chance to swap, steal or keep.

All open your gifts and enjoy!

Do you play any family games with gifts over Christmas? I would love to hear your traditions!


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