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12 days of Christmas gift calendar

Choosing the right present for someone can often be tricky. why not do something a little different a do a 12 days of Christmas gift calendar for the ones you love! I think they a great idea and give someone something to look forward to opening on the lead up to christmas. I thought of this idea after I made a wedding countdown calendar for my sister in law where she had a treat to open every day for the last 12 days before her big day to help even more with the excitement.

To present you calendar there are lots of fun creative pretty ways to do it. You could wrap a box in Christmas wrapping paper and number your wrapped gifts 1 – 12

Or do a lucky dip bag where they can choose one at random every day. If you live with the person you could hide and do a treasure hunt to find it.

I will share with you some ideas for what you can get a women, man and child for the build up to christmas. obviously you can tailor them for the person you’re buying for. Some of my Man ideas can be used for women and vice versa! These are just some ideas and if I was to do them for my family the thought of things I would put in them.

I hope this gives you some good ideas!



12 Days of christmas Ideas for a child

1.   Sticker / Activity book

2.   Pack of their favourite treat

3.   Bubbles

4.   Flashing light up toy

5.   Christmas DVD

6.   Note pad and pen / stationary set

7.   Bath bomb or shower wash

8.   Christmas Book

9.   Magazine

10. Christmas top – H&M have some lovely christmas clothes for children

11. Lucky dip bag – Toys R Us they have a great selection

12. Christmas tree decoration – Betsy Benn have some amazing personalised decorations check out my post Christmas Traditions to see ours


12 Days of christmas Ideas for a Women

1.   Candle

2.   Nail file & nail polish

3.   Note pad and pen

4.   Adult colouring book and pencils – The works have some great adult books with cools designs 

5.   Mug & Hot chocolate mix

6.   Lipstick/ Lip gloss

7.   Book or voucher for kindle

8.   Both bomb or shower product – Lush do the best

9.   Earrings or necklace – Newlook have lovely accessorise 

10.                Gloves / Scarf – Primark have some lovely ones this year

11.                Magazine

12.                Their favourite treat


12 Days of christmas Ideas for a Man


1.   There favourite treat

2.   Car air freshener

3.   After shave / lotion

4.   Book or voucher

5.   Bath bomb or shower product

6.   Christmas jumper

7.   2018 Diary

8.   A candle – you can get some lush manly scents in TKmax

9.   Magazine

10.                Quiz book or general knowledge

11.                DVD

12.                Beers / wine / spirit – there fav type of drink 


Let me know if this has helped you at all! I love to hear from you and the lovely things you have planned for your loved ones.



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