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12 Tips when shopping for your Other Half | 24 Days of Christmas 2017 | Day 5

12 Tips when shopping for your Other Half

Here are 12 useful tips to help you think of gifts for your other half, its often so hard choosing presents for someone you know who has everything, my husband is one of them… if he wants something he tends to buy it, so when it comes to Christmas I’m so stuck as to know what to get. I use these little tips to help me when thinking of gifts. These would be perfect for both men and women! I hope they can help you too! 

** Luke if your reading this, stop now babe! **

Something they will love

What’s the one thing you know they would absolutely love? Have a good think back to past conversations I’m sure there’s something they may have mentioned.

2. Something they need

Aftershave is always something my husband needs so finding a new one for him at Christmas is on the list!

perfume-1468031_960_720 (1).jpg

3. Something to wear

A new top or something to wear on Christmas day. Who doesn’t like a new outfit to wear over Christmas? Slippers and dressing gowns, you can never go wrong!

4. Something they wouldn’t expect you to get

A risk presents something you think they would like but not 100% sure on. go for it I’m sure they would love the gift. Keep the receipt and ask for a gift receipt if paying in a shop. Worst comes to worst they can take it back, but at least the thought is there.

5. Something jokey / Quirky

Maybe something that links to an inside joke of yours, or something completely pointless! Gadget shops are great for these type of little stocking fillers. Maybe something useful but random like a portable phone speaker.

6. Something standard!

That item you know you can never go wrong with… for example it would be candles and stationary for me! Or the classic underwear and socks or body set!

7. Something sentimental

A canvas with a photo of the two of you, or a calendar with all your favourite photos on. something sweet and thought full, they don’t need to cost a lot but are often some of the best gifts!

8. Something to eat

We’re all big kids at heart! A selection box or favourite chocolates will go down a treat! Why not do a treat hamper!


9. Something to do

A day out or trip away! These are perfect if you’re running low on funds sort of like an IOU! You can plan to take them away or to a fancy restaurant. Make a cute little voucher and write a card explaining what you have planned!

10. Something personalised

Who doesn’t love a personalised item! You can make something sweet like a jar with notes full of reasons why you love them. You could get a phone case made with their dog on, anything personal to them I’m sure they will love.

11. Something for you both

Maybe that’s a household item like a new tablet or laptop. Something for the kitchen like a smoothie maker ready for the new year health fix. Something you can both enjoy together. Or if you’re not living together maybe something like a money box saying, “new home fund” take your relationship to the next level!

12. Something for their Skin

You can get some lovely skincare sets for men and women I personally love Clinique, they do some great trial sets that are normally around £5 perfect stocking fillers.

I hope you found this useful, let me know what you’re getting your other halves! Thank you for reading and I shall see you tomorrow!


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