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Elf on the shelf ideas | 24 Days of Christmas | Day 4

Elf on the shelf ideas 

Let’s be honest by day 4 your already racking your brains as to how you’re going to think of 20 more ideas!! This will be the first year we do this for our boys. We have started the little tradition not sure how long it’s going to take before we regret it but hey the kids seem excited so far!


Our Elf is called Elf this year… very original I know Ethan chose it! And he comes through a little Elf door!

You can get these Elf doors online or from me! The kids love it, makes it extra magical!

Next year we will be getting and Santa surveillance camera, I think they look great! Pound land has some amazing things for your Elf, lots of fun accessories like swings and message in a bottle jars.  

I hope some of my ideas help you!

Let me know what ones are your favourite!

Storytime – Elf is sat with a book reading to all his toy friends

Shoe Chew Train – Elf has made a train out of all our family shoes and is sat up top leading the way!

Frozen!! – Elsa has arrived and frozen elf !! use an old ice cream tube!

Sticker Fun – Elf has covered himself with stickers ( Poundland have some great Christmas themed stickers )

Cereal box fun – Elf is hiding in one of the cereal boxes, you could cut out a circle for his head to poke out from

Elf Decorations – Elf has decorated the house in toilet roll, drape it over your sofa, stairs and around the Christmas tree

Dentist – Elf has taken one of his friends to the bathroom to brush their teeth

Hostage – All of Elf’s friends have wrapped him in tape or tissue paper to stop him being naughty

Snow Angles – Elf has raided the flour and made snow angels on the dining room table.

Treat Day – Elf has left the children’s favourite treats as they have been good!


North Pole Breakfast – Elf has set up a breakfast fit for Santa! Pound land have some fabulous plates, straws and decorations to make it perfect!

Rainbow Milk – Elf has coloured all the milk in the fridge with food colouring!

Say Cheese – Elf has taken some funny pictures at night while the children have been asleep

Drawing – Elf has drawn a funny photo and left his autograph

Snowflakes – Elf has found the paper and made pretty snowflakes to hang around the house and place under the tree

Greedy Elf – Elf is eating your children’s favourite Snacks


Wrapping Gifts – Elf has wrapped his best friend up in Christmas paper

Party Elf – Elf is getting plans ready to have a party!


Tea Time – Elf has got everything out and sat in the cup ready to make a cup of tea

Sleepy elf – Elf has snuggled up under a blanket or sheet of kitchen roll for a nap with some of his friends.

Hide & Seek – Elf has hidden somewhere in the house maybe a toy box or in the Christmas tree.

Pocket Money – Have Elf count out the children’s pocket money for being good.


Tidy Elf – Elf has brought a box and letter from Santa asking the children to donate toys to charity and have a good clear out before Christmas

24th of December Elf goes home!

Leave a note for Elf saying goodbye! As a well done for being so good, he could leave the children Christmas eve boxes to enjoy throughout the day.


Share with me some of your ideas! I would love to see what your Elf’s are doing!



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