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15 Ideas & Tips when Gift Shopping for children | 24 days of Christmas 2017 | Day 3

15 Ideas & Tips when Gift Shopping for children

Shopping for children can be such a challenge, they have boxes full of toys that they don’t play with anymore and the thought of adding to the mess can be off-putting, but also the thought of them not having much to open isn’t the nicest feeling either!

We have all been there… panic buying! Who does that as a parent? Me and my Husband certainly do and it’s the worst, we find ourselves spending more than we budgeted and the boys end up with stuff just to add to the number of gifts under the tree.

Planning and buying ahead is key! Be that organised parent… well we can all try! I hope these 15 tips and ideas make choosing filler presents (the ones you just buy to have things to open) and thinking of gifts easier for your little ones this year.

1 Something they want

The big one, the gift they have been asking for since the summer holidays and your answer was, well you will have to ask Santa! Yeah, that one!

2. Something they need

Do they need a new duvet set? Choose one with their favourite character on.

Maybe new football boots or anything sports related. Basically, something you know you would have brought them anyway but they would be excited opening that’s also practical.  

A Character Electric toothbrush? My 5-year-old was super chuffed when we brought him his now I wish we kept it for the tree!

3. Something to wear

An item of clothing you wouldn’t normally choose to buy, a top with their favourite character on? (eBay is great for this) dressing up clothes or some fun pjs

4. Something to read

A magazine or some books you know they would like. Or a classic collection like the Roald Dahl set something you know they can grow into and will be a favourite for years, we brought Ethan him for his first Christmas. You can get some great Magazine subscriptions. An electric reading device like a kindle?

5. Something to get creative

You can never have enough stickers, pens, felt, pipe cleaners, fun paper etc why not do a fun little bundle start collecting bottle tops and cardboard boxes let them go wild with all the leftover wrapping paper and boxes after Christmas.

6. Something that’s different

A quirky random trinket! Something that they wouldn’t off asked for like a pointless gadget or joke gift from these little shops that pop up around Christmas. Tiger is a great shop to get random trinkets in too!

7. Something that’s edible

Ingredients to bake something fun or some treats they wouldn’t normally be allowed! You can get great sets that are pre-packed so could do a little bundle of fun treats. A classic selection box or do a treat hamper!

8. Something that’s educational
Educational but fun!! Booklets with tasks for them to complete. Educational posters for their bedroom. Books about something they may be interested in like planets, animals, history.
9. Something to do

Grow your own herb garden, butterfly farm, sea monkeys kit, anything that’s exciting that will engage and get them thinking. Will also keep them busy and something to do that lasts over a few weeks.

10. Something for School

New school bag or a spare lunch box in their favourite character, new stationery, pencil case etc

11. Something for charity

Adopt a dog, plant a tree a great way to teach children to think about others. They will get things through the post reminding them and also should feel a sense of warm a fuzzy for helping an animal or village.

12. Something to expand their skills/hobbies

Maybe a musical instrument or some knitting needles and wool. YouTube is a great place for videos on how to do things and they can teach themselves a new hobby.

13. Something for me

Something sentimental, or personal to them. Maybe a photo album, a key ring with their name on. A jewellery box that’s personalised anything little that they can treasure.


14. Something for the Family

A day trip out for the family? A DVD you will all enjoy, a board game you can all play! Something that means family time and spending time together! This is a perfect one if running low on funds as a day trip out could be the perfect IOU write a little letter or DIY voucher “day out bowling & pizza”

15. Something for the future

An item they can grow into, like a book or craft set that’s a little hard for them now but they would enjoy in 6 months’ time. After the Christmas hype has calmed down you will be great full for that Present they can tackle in the new year! Maybe something like first, Trike, toolset or sewing machine that could be put aside ready for them.

These Tips and tricks would also work great for a birthday! Let me know how you’re getting on with your Christmas shopping!!


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