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Winter “Spring clean” | 24 Days of Christmas 2017 | Day 2

Winter “Spring clean”

There’s no better feeling than having a clutter, mess-free, clean and tidy house feeling all lovely and cosy! Winter-Spring clean, me and my husband have done this every year since we have had our own place! Our Winter spring clean is basically a massive sort out and clean of everything in the house right down to kitchen cupboards! We like to choose a weekend normally around the middle of November where we put away all our autumn decorations and start getting the house ready for Christmas. Our Ethan’s birthday is at the start of November so it’s a great time for us to have and enjoy his birthday then start thinking Christmas and get into Christmas mode!

I love having a proper sort out of all the kid’s toys, clothes and junk we have accumulated over the year ready for the new lovely things they will be getting for Christmas. It’s the time to be ruthless and really thinks will they play with that if the answer is maybe we box them up and put them in the loft. When they’re older we will get them to sit down and sort through what they would like to keep, chuck or give to charity but for now, we make the choices for them.


It’s a good chance for us to sell some toys on our local bid up facebook group, for extra money over the Christmas period. Having the children’s rooms ready for their new toys etc makes us feel less stressed come boxing day when every parent has thought “where on earth is all this going to go” slyly packing bags of toys to take to the grandparents’ house! Yep, we still do this even after being prepared my poor dad ends up with more and more each year.

We like to go through our own wardrobes to sort through clothes we don’t wear anymore etc and gift them ready for the fresh new year. I sort through our toiletries and makeup clear out anything old that I know we defiantly won’t be using.

Christmas Dec’s tend to go up the end of November start of December… we hold off as long as we can as little monkeys like to swing and pull on things still. I’m sure this will change as they get older. A blitz of the house before all the decorations go up is a must for us, we take down all our normal home trinkets and décor and box them away then Christmas ornaments come down and replace them.

We like to take our decorations down before or the first day of the new year so we go into the new year fresh, clean & clutter free. As much as we love Christmas and the build-up as soon as it’s over I’m one of these where I want my house back to normal! I always love getting my décor bits out and making the house all fresh and tidy again.  

Giving the house a super deep clean and declutter can do wonders for your mental health! 

It can help you sleep better and generally feel happier especially with how busy families tend to be over the festive period mess can build up quickly. Doing this will make you feel 100x better and ready for the new year! Stick on some Christmas music get out the rubber gloves try and enjoy it, like your cleaning away all the rubbish mentally that has built up through the year, think about the positives of the year to come!

Let me know what you like to do on the build-up to Christmas and the new year? What makes you feel better in yourself?


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