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24 days of Christmas 2017 | 10 Christmas Fun Activity’s | Day 1

24 days of Christmas 2017

Eeeek it’s that time of year!! We have all been waiting for… December is here !!!

24 days of Christmas is happening! I will be uploading a new post every day for you beauty’s! I know I’m crazy but hey I wouldn’t be a “proper blogger” if I didn’t attempt it!

Just call this your little online advent calendar of Saff chats here every day at 4.00pm

There will be a mix of Christmas bits, gift guides, Makeup & beauty, tips for shopping, stuff for the whole family, story times, DIYs I hope there’s something you will enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe on the sidebar you just need your email and every day you will get a notification when the blog is live! There will be a few random bonus posts going up so some days there could be a double whammy!!

Let’s get feeling Christmassy together!!



Day one I’m sharing some exciting fun ideas you can do with the family on the build-up to Christmas! Schools break up late this year but these can be done in the evenings and weekends! Let me know what your family are planning on doing on the build-up to Christmas!

Winter scavenger hunt 

Just like my Urban scavenger hit here why not get wrapped up super warm and go out as a family, maybe a wooded park or just your local area!

For example – Can you find:

A Robin

Iced spider web

Frost on a car

Christmas lights

Christmas tree

The moon

Perfect opportunity to get some fresh air and have a look at all the Christmas lights in your area! For a print, out and more ideas check out “urban scavenger hunt”

Family Secret Santa Charity Shop Treasure Hunt

lookout for an upcoming blog explaining all!! For now, pick a day at the weekend, book it in your diary!!

Make some Christmas cards & Thank You Cards 

Get creative let the kids make the family Christmas cards this year! Pinterest has some fab ideas! Get organised and make some thank you cards while you have all your craft bits and bobs out!

Christmas movie night

Choose a family favourite get super cosy with blankets, treats and hot chocolate! This will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit!

Christmas list and letter to Santa

sit down with the kids and get out the Argos/ Toys R Us/ Smyths catalogue have them chop out there favourite toys and make a collage of the things they would love for Christmas. They can then write a letter to Santa. You could leave it o the fireplace for the elves to collect or take it to a Santa’s grotto. Royal mail does this lovely thing where they send you a letter back when posted to them (must be by the 8th of December). More info here

Craft afternoon

Collect lots of cardboard and junk and have an afternoon making a Christmas scene, Santa’s Sleigh or Santa’s workshop etc great fun and will keep the kids busy for a few hours! Places like Hobby craft, the range, Wilkos do some great Christmas craft activity packs for little one of makes.  

Create own Christmas story

Educational and fun, get imaginative and write your own Christmas story’s, can be done with pitchers for younger children or written for older ones, you can then share them with the family or re an act them out!

Christmas baking

There are so many yummy Christmas recipes on the internet get the rolling pin out and make some yummy treats! You can buy pre-packed Christmas cookie boxes with all the ingredients already weighed out for you.

Gingerbread house 

You can get sets easily from supermarkets with all the ingredients to make your own gingerbread house! Why not get a couple and team up, who can create the best gingerbread house?!  


Games night

Dig out the board games, put on some Christmas music and have a chilled evening playing some classic games!

Thanks for reading my loves come back the same time tomorrow 4.00 for another post!







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