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Our Christmas Traditions | Starting Your own Family Traditions

Our Christmas Traditions | Starting Your Own Family Traditions


Christmas traditions are such a fun part of the Christmas celebrations they add so much excitement for the big day. Lots of people have fun quirky things their family’s like to do on the build-up to Christmas and on Christmas day. Our two moneys are at an age now where we can start our own little traditions with them! Here are some we will be doing. I hope it gives you some ideas if you’re wanting to start your own little traditions with your family.


** If your reading this then you get to know before anyone else!!

I’m doing 24 days of Christmas this year and I’m so excited!!

It will start on the 1st of December **


Christmas Eve Boxes

We will be starting Christmas Eve boxes from this year for our two! As a family we think it’s a lovely way to get the children even more excited on Christmas Eve. We will tie this in with our Elf on a shelf!

Look out on the 15th December when I will be sharing ideas with you on making your own Christmas Eve Box and the sorts of things we will be putting in Ethan & Liam’s

Elf on a Shelf

Now the boys are 5 and 2 I think it’s a great time to start Elf on a Shelf. Liam won’t really understand but I think Ethan will and there are some amazing little stories you can start with your Elf.

On the first of December, we will say the Elf is one of Santa’s and has come from the north pole to watch over the boys, what would we like to call him?

The elf will be watching and reporting back to Santa, are you being good boys? Every night he will create mischief and hide for the boys to find him. Sometimes he will leave little treats and surprises if there being good.

We have a little Elf door, that’s how he travels from our house to the north pole.

If the boys have been good then the elf will be delivering their Christmas Eve box on Christmas Eve for them to enjoy throughout the day.

Places like the Range have a great selection of elf props, little things you can use for you elf on the shelf. We did see a cool Santa surveillance camera we thought looked great!

Check back on 4th December for Elf on the shelf ideas post

Christmas Tree Decorations

Every year since having our little family we have brought a special Christmas decoration for the tree, some years we have bought ones with the boy’s name on and some we have bought ones that represent our family.

This year we have been kindly gifted this beautiful personalised Christmas Decoration by the brand, Betsy Benn.

Betsy Benn - Christmas Traditions - Pixiebowuk

We love it so so much! It is the first year we are all a Baker, we couldn’t have chosen a better Christmas decoration to represent that so a huge thank you to Betsy Benn. The quality of them is amazing! It’s made from a lovely thick wood. The design is beautiful, these pretty stars will look so lush with the lights shining thought and I’m so excited to see it hanging on our tree. Whenever I look at it I will be reminded of our first year of marriage and how amazing this Christmas will be.

Check them out here they do some lush home décor!! Subscribe to their newsletter for a discount!

They have loads of beautiful designs we want them all!!

Story advent calendar

I remember as a child I had  a 12 days of Christmas book collection and I would get so excited to read the next one each night on the build-up to Christmas. You can either collect or 24 Christmas books and read one a night on the lead up to Christmas. You could wrap the up for added excitement and have the child pic one at random. Maybe speak to friends and agree to divide the number of books between you all and then do a swap. You can also visit your local library and have a look at their Christmas book collections.

Christmas Traditions - Pixiebowuk

EBooks are also fab if you have a Kindle or reading device. Perfect for those who like to travel! Audiobooks are also a great option to mix things up. Have the children listen to an audiobook snuggled up with a warm drink for the perfect winter evening.


What traditions do you and your family do? I would love to hear all about them, inbox me on my social media!



 * we have been kindly gifted the Christmas tree decoration from Betsy Benn. This is not a sponsored post. All views are my own and are no way influenced. *

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