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6 Months Married | Have things changed? | Worth the hype? | October 28th 2017

We have been married 6 months today, how has being married changed our relationship?!!

Wow, where have the past 6 months gone there have been highs & lows! It’s been a massive whirlwind of emotions the closest people to us will know why! Has life been easy?? No far from it!

Some people say nothing changes, some say it can make their relationship worse. For us I feel it has had a difference on how we feel, that difference being a positive one! Being married has changed our relationship for the better!

I feel more content, I feel like we are a proper little team now! Me and Luke have reached a point in our relationship and marriage where we are so in love and happy. We are stronger then we have ever been! Yes, it makes me feel a bit cringe! Marriage has made us have to push that little hard and think more, I know this is something you should be doing anyway but we have had more of a drive to push for our next goals in life.

Marriage is so so worth it! It’s everything I could imagine and more! I’m so excited and chuffed to have Luke as my Husband. We have so many exciting things planned for our future and I couldn’t be happier! 

Role on the next 6 months we have something super exciting planned for our 1-year Anniversary and I can’t wait to take you along with us! 

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