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Subculture Pallet Anastasia Beverly Hills | Honest review & thoughts

Subculture pallet Anastasia-Beverly Hills Honest Review Thoughts Re-ordered

Hello, my loves! Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture pallet has been all over social media with so many controversial opinions and reviews and you guys have asked for my honest review and opinion! 


We all know how much I love Anastasia Beverly Hills products, some of them are my absolute favs so of course, I had to try out the new Subculture pallet, especially with it being linked to the Modern Renaissance pallet! Now I placed my order the day after it was launched and It arrived the following week. I ordered straight from Anastasia Beverly Hills UK site.

PixieBowUK - subculture-pallet-anastasia-beverly-hills-honest-review-thoughts-re-ordered

When the Subculture pallet arrived, I did a live first impression for you over on PixieBowUk- Pretty Little Beautys. You lovelys could see the horror and disappointment I had when using it. I had an awful time with blending, fallout, how the shades applied etc. It should still be there for you to have a nose at on facebook.

After using it on the live video, I did some research and put it down to a bad batch. I called up to arrange a refund and ABH UK were fantastic about it all, they were happy to let me return it. I decided to wait a few weeks before I reordered to give it another chance and to see if mine was really from a bad batch.

The new Subculture pallet… is better! Like a lot better than the first one! You still get fall out and kick back when using the shades but they’re nowhere near as much as there was before. The first Subculture Pallet crumbled with the slightest touch!

Fall out really doesn’t bother me, it’s completely understandable that there will be some kickback as their super-pigmented powders. It’s how well they blend together, or lack of blending with the first Subculture pallet… it just didn’t work!

New Subculture Palette

So, the new Subculture Palette does blend well, the colours are super pigmented and smooth. I don’t find they stick together or blend into a muddy mess as some have described it doing.

PixieBowUK - subculture-pallet-anastasia-beverly-hills-honest-review-thoughts-re-ordered

Are they hard to use? Ish, yes & no, some colours are amazing and are a dream. Some colours take a little while to perfect, it’s just getting used to each shade individually and learning the best way you find to apply the colours how you want them. For example, Electric and Adorn I find scooping a small amount of product onto a brush then applying fix plus helps it go on so much nicer! Dawn is a lush colour that goes on amazingly. Cube is a duo chrome that can be a little tricky to use.

I like to tap into the pallet instead of swiping or swirling so it’s all depending on your preferred methods and maybe adapting slightly to compensate.

Okay, really would I recommend it?

Again Yes & No

No, if your someone who wants quick & easy no fuss eye look. If you are someone that hasn’t got the time to sit and perfect it or worried about ruining base makeup with the fallout. I wouldn’t recommend it to you, it takes some getting used to it and you will need time, patience and a light hand.

Yes, if your someone like me who loves makeup and experimenting with lots of different types of colours, textures and shades. The colours are so so lush and I think the pallet is so different to others I own. If you’re like me then I think you will love it!

PixieBowUK - subculture-pallet-anastasia-beverly-hills-honest-review-thoughts-re-ordered

I hope this “Subculture pallet Anastasia-Beverly Hills Honest Review Thoughts Re-ordered” Post helps if you are considering purchasing this yourself! Don’t be put off by the mass of bad reviews online. Try it for yourself and return it if you’re not happy! Get Yours Here

Let me know what you think, do you own the Subculture pallet? Tag me in some of your looks on Instagram I would love to see them! @pixiebowuk check out my review of my all-time favourite ABH Pallete here
love always - PixieBowUK - subculture-pallet-anastasia-beverly-hills-honest-review-thoughts-re-ordered

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