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Current Obsessions | August 2017

You guys love these posts and I love doing them for you so here’s another current obsession post!! What I’m loving this month!!

Netflix is literally the place atm for good TV! 

Power – we are loving this Netflix original we heard great reviews and people raving about it. We are halfway through series 3 its full of action and plot twists!! We are hooked, like mega hooked! Recommend you check it out, it’s an easy watch!

The OA – We heard mixed reviews about this one, either you will love it hate it…. We bloody love it! We binge watched it all in a couple of days and loved it! It’s one of those you have to watch every minute of and concentrate otherwise you will get lost but it’s so worth it, it keeps you engaged the whole way!! I can’t wait for them to bring out the second series. 

Makeup & Beauty 

My GHDs There amazing!! I’m not going to waffle like I normally do in case you have seen the post “GHD review

 GHD- Copper-Straighteners - PixiebowUK -Current Obsessions August 2017

Too Faced melted lip! So, I got this for my birthday and have been using it nonstop this month! Where has it been all my life! I’m not very adventurous when it comes to my lips I normally tend to stick to my Mac lippie which I love but I feel like its time I experimented more…. yep so I went for a colour I would normally go for ha! No, but in all seriousness, I love the formula, it lasts so well on my lips and I don’t find it dries out my lips!

Too Faced Melted Lip- PixiebowUK -Current Obsessions August 2017

Is there any lip products you recommend? I really want to try some more Nyx and some J* ones

Clinique Pep-Start cream. This beauty I received as a sample!! I’m loving it, it’s great for oily skin and recently I have been getting oily around my nose and chin so I apply this before I apply my makeup. I’m noticing a big difference in my skin and how my foundation applies!

 Clinique Pep-Start- PixiebowUK -Current Obsessions August 2017


Reed diffusers okay new obsession for me! We have one in every room of our house (not the boys) there the same make of the candles I’ve been loving and mentioned in this post here “Family Faves” & here. Because I loved them so much I wanted to try the reed diffusers still on sale at ASDA!

The scent is really strong and you can smell them when you go into the rooms therein we have had them for 3 weeks now and the smell is still going strong! We have the Blue – Ocean Breeze in our hall and living room, its really strong fresh smelling. We have the Pink – Cheery Blossom In our bathroom and kitchen. The Green- Night Blooming Jasmin, we absolutely love its designed for your bedroom to help aid sleep! Its strong enough to be able to smell it but not overpowering where it will give you a headache, I’m super sensitive to smells so this is super important for me. There all made with natural essential oils so safe to breathe in too!

 Asda Reed Diffusers

PixiebowUK -Current Obsessions August 2017PixiebowUK -Current Obsessions August 2017PixiebowUK -Current Obsessions August 2017

Stationary there are so many cheap shops like Pound land, Pound world and Wilkos that are selling amazing stationary for super cheap its worth having a look at pound world stationary! See what I brought here this cute magnetic weekly planner was from pound world and just £1 its rose gold and super cute! Handy to keep on our fridge.

PixiebowUK -Current Obsessions August 2017

For quirky notepads and folders try TK max they have some beautiful bits in there home section, I wish I needed more as I would have brought the whole shop! It’s lush!

As always I love hearing from you!! Let me know what you have been loving this month!!

Love Always - PixiebowUK -Current Obsessions August 2017





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