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8 Tips to grow your hair faster! Pt2 | Hair Goals!

10 ways to get longer hair | Hair Goals | Long Shiny healthy hair! Is my most viewed blog post! You guys absolutely love it and I’ve had so much great feedback so thank you! I wanted to do a sort of update, I still do all that I mention in the previous post but there are some new things I do & new products and tools I use that wasn’t mentioned before. Be sure to check out my previous post for more great tips that really do work and have worked for some of my little tribe!

PixiebowUK - 8 tips to grow your hair faster! Pt2 | Hair Goals
Flash on & Flash Off

My hair is my pride and joy! Its super super long now and just growing at a crazy rate, I don’t get it trimmed as much as I would like to it takes them a good 2 – 3 hours to wash, cut and blow-dry…it’s a big chunk out of my day and finding time with the boys is a challenge! Remind me to book in for a pamper soon! People do ask where do I aim to get it to lengthwise… I would love to have Ariana Grande style hair I know hers is extensions but that’s the sort of length I would love!


Isn’t she just beautiful!


My 8 tips to grow your hair faster!

1.   I now take a multivitamin tablet, yes, I know we all should anyway but I’m sure it’s had a huge impact on my hair, skin and nails! So if you don’t already, I suggest you do my lovely’s!!

2.   You’re going to think I’m crazy now… but flip your hair upside down. I know it sounds mad but I really think it’s helping! Buy flipping your hair upside for 2 – 4 minutes a day is known to improve circulation and blood flow to your hair follicles stimulating hair growth…. You know… Rockers that have long hair and headbang to music, their blood flow and circulation must be amazing….do I need to say anymore!

PixiebowUK - 8 tips to grow your hair faster! Pt2 | Hair Goals


3.   I’m using a Wet brush!! This has helped so much in the condition of my hair and is so much easier to get out my bird’s nest!

4.   Head massage! Give yourself one when your hairs dry to help encourage your hair follicles to take in nutrition and encourage growth. Massage your scalp when in the shower for the same benefits!!

5.   Ditch the shampoo!! I only shampoo my hair once a week I explain how to train your hair to go this long in my previous post. If it’s the time of the month sometimes I have to wash again depends on how busy I have been, if this is the case I will just use conditioner. The reason I’m saying ditch the shampoo is that it strips the natural oils from your hair causing it to become dry and brittle. The conditioner is the most important part!! Use deep heat treatments and hair masks maybe once-twice month, your hair will thank you!

PixiebowUK - 8 tips to grow your hair faster! Pt2 | Hair Goals


You can achieve 8 Hair Goals so easily from home!

6.   Throw your hair up! Having your hair up again helps to stimulate hair growth! Not too tight. I talk about what hair bobbles I use to limit damage in my previous post here. Not only is having your hair up a good way to reduce the use of heat and over washing, it will also help you get the longer healthier hair you want! If its greasy try a bit of dry shampoo!

7.   I was lucky enough to get these lush new GHDS for my birthday! Since using them I’ve already noticed such a massive difference! My gosh there worth the investment! Honestly there worth every penny and if they’re anything like my last pair they lasted me 8 years and still going strong see my full review and first impressions here.

GHD-Copper-Straightneres PixiebowUK - 8 tips to grow your hair faster! Pt2 | Hair Goals

8.   Sleep on a silk pillowcase! This will help with the condition of your hair, it will protect your hair from breaking, help keep it from frizzing and is also better for your skin so a win-win really!! I bought mine off amazon for around £10

I hope these helped you guys!! Like I said above this is part two. For more tips and help please do check out Part 1 here 

As always I love hearing from you guys, let me know what has worked for you and what products you’re loving!

Love always - PixiebowUK - 8 tips to grow your hair faster! Pt2 | Hair Goals




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