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How I apply my blush | Too Faced Sweet Peach Pallet

How I apply my blush! Too Faced Sweet Peach Pallet

Hello, my loves!! This has been super requested of some of my lovely’s who are a part of our Facebook group “PixieBowUK-PrettyLittleBeautys” we chat all things makeup and beauty over there also its wear I do little live videos so be sure to come join the little family!! Now you guys know I’m not a pro at all when it comes to makeup, I just like to play around and experiment so please don’t take what I say as gospel it’s just what works for me and I hope you can get some tips to help you too!

I’ve been asked for so long to do a written post on how I like to apply my blush. I have never really felt confident enough doing it on myself, I have always worried about looking too pink and “fake” that’s not my style some people of course like that look and can pull it off amazingly, me, on the other hand, look like a clown! I have never wanted to show you guys until now, I have found a blush that I am loving and works well for my skin type!

The Blush I have been loving is my Too faced sweet peach blush! Have a look at my Review and first impressions to see why I love it so much!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Pallet - PixiebowUk - How I apply my blush! Too Faced Sweet Peach Pallet



Have on your foundation and have set it with a setting powder, I always go in with my bronzer first and then follow with my blush. I take my blush on a large brush like this Real Techniques one.

Real Techniques Blush Brush - PixiebowUk - How I apply my blush! Too Faced Sweet Peach Pallet

Apply the blush to both sides of the brush tapping off the excess. Your blush goes above your bronzer/contour! Think of it like a sandwich Bronzer, blush in the middle, highlight on top.

I personally don’t like to apply my blush right to the balls of my cheeks I feel that can give me a rounder face something I don’t personally want. I will smile then apply it just to the side of the ball, sweeping it back towards the temples but not to the temples if that makes sense. Go back and forth building up the colour slowly remember less is more! Then I take my brush with no additional product and do circular motions to blend and soften it all out.

Taking clean fingers, I like to push them on top of my blush in a dabbing motion. I feel using my fingers helps remove any excess powder and the warmth of them helps make it look like more of a ‘naturel’ blush from within! It really helps it look less powdery too!

Then finish with your highlight on top.

Super simple and easy to do!

Practice makes perfect loves! Inbox me if you would like so helo! Do be sure to subscribe to get a notification when I upload! Those of you who follow me know that I’m starting YouTube so very soon after lots of requests, you guys are amazing and I appreciate the support so so much!! Let me know if you would like to see a live tutorial on this and I will be happy to show you!!

Love always - PixiebowUk - How I apply my blush! Too Faced Sweet Peach Pallet


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