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GHD Copper Luxe Collection| Review & first impressions!

As you lovely’s know if you read my “what I got for my birthday” post, that my husband brought me these amazing GHD Hair straighteners!! I wanted to do a little review for you guys as it’s taken me years to upgrade, I didn’t know if it was worth the money so here’s what I think!!


7 years ago, he brought me my first pair of GHD for my 18th birthday. They were amazing! I’m super lucky that they are still going strong! I started to find they didn’t get my hair as straight as they used to, and when I came out of the salon I would experience next level straight, frizz-free hair.

GHD- Copper-Straightneres

Technology has obviously changed and developed especially with GHDs, a lot of that time, and knowing how thick my hair is Luke did his research and got me the best pair or GHD for my hair type! The fact there Copper though guys!! Amazing!!! * I’m so grateful and appreciative as always, he’s a sweetie*


These are in collaboration with Nails Inc, you get these cute nail polishes in the set. We were sent a large golf style umbrella too!


They come in this lush little bag that is also heat poof making it perfect to travel with and keep them in. I drive Luke crazy I’m that girl who always leaves them “cooling” on the side for hours and forgets to put them away, now I can put them straight in the bag. (They have a divider so to not touch the wires) They also have a handy guard too!

To turn them on you press and hold the bottom, my old pair was a switch. These now alert you when they’re on, when they’re ready to use and when they’re off. They have a timer that shuts them down after 30mins of no use. That gives me so much peace of mind! The swivel cord is 2.7m long so so handy.


Have a look at my “10 ways to get long hair” where I explain my hair type!

So there amazing, it normally takes me a good hour to straighten my hair, these have now cut the time down to nearly half! The design is so different to my old ones, there smoother on my hair and have bigger plates. There so sleek I bloody love them.

They claim to deliver 50% fewer breakages and 20% more shine… I have noticed less hair falling out when I use them. With my old pair, there would be a pile of hair stands on the floor, having long thick hair that never worried or bothered me. After using these for the first time I bent down to gather the hair that normally falls out and there was practically nothing for me to pick up. My hair does look more shiny and healthier too, a friend had asked if I had been to the hairdressers… that’s always a good sign!


I wish I had upgraded my GHDs sooner, since using them the ends of my hair feel less damaged. My hair is staying straighter for so much longer than they normally would. They really get the frizz out; my hair feels so much lighter I couldn’t be happier with them.  I’m excited to see how well my hair grows and improves with using these straighteners! If your serious about wanting your hair to grow and have “hair goals” then I do really recommend you spend a little extra on your hair straighteners, you won’t regret it!!

Let me know what products you use? I always love hearing from you guys!


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