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What I got for my Birthday | 25th Birthday

Last Sunday was my 25th Birthday!! I had the most amazing day, I feel so grateful for all my family and friends. I was absolutely spoilt! Huge Thank you to you all for your birthday wishes and messages it means the world!!

You guys are just like me and love a good nose!! You asked to see what I got so I’m going to show you some of my treats!!

*Disclaimer – in no way am I trying to show off to you lovelys, I know you know this I’m so grateful for everything I have been given. This blog post was highly requested*

I hope you enjoy, keep an eye out for reviews and opinions on some of these beauty’s!!


GHDs – Copper Luxe Collection  

In collaboration with Nails Inc.


These came with 2 lush nail polishes, a gorgeous heat proof bag and an Umbrella!


Morphe Eyeshadow Pallets

    35F Fall into the frost

     25A – Limited Edition Copper Spice

     25B – Limited Edition Bronzed Mocha


Too Face Sweet Peach Blush & Lip Lava


They were kind enough to send me some samples to try!

I also go lots of lovely little bits I’ve been wanting to try out and test for so long!!



I also got loads of candles, trinkets and money to buy more beautys!! I’ve ordered some exciting bits to show and review for you guys soon!!





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