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We all know it’s important to get out and about with the kids to get them fresh air, but it’s not always easy. The Scavenger Hunt Game is a great to do in your area with the family, you can take as long or as little as you like with the activity. It gets the monkeys excessing, engaging and communicating!

All you need is some paper and pencils, draw up a list of things you can find when you’re out and about, split into teams and all go for a walk around your area, the first to find all the things on the list is the winner!!

You can take this activity to your garden, nearest park, zoo, farm, supermarket etc. Great way to keep the kids entertained!

Download my FREE template ready to print out! Here- Street Scavenger Hunt

It goes without saying be careful of roads and cars pulling of drives.

Send me your photos being out and about this summer!


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