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Current Family Favourites The Baker Family | July 2017

Hello, my loves!! You guys seem to love my current favs so I thought I would mix it up and try something a little different sharing what me and my little family have been loving!!

Let’s jump right in!


Kiehl’s Mask & Daily Cleanser

Skincare is something me and Luke are always trying out. Annoyingly we both have the opposite type of skin he has oily and mines normal to dry. We both suffer from blackheads and the occasional spot. Kiehl’s is raved about so we had to try it for ourselves. We brought the product down to Luke’s skin type, facial cleaner that he uses daily and a face mask that he uses a few times a week. We have seen such an improvement in his skin, pores appear smaller and he Is getting fewer spots. We have kindly been sent some samples of other products to try so excited to see what they’re like. I’ve used the wash and the facemask and it felt lovely, defiantly feels like a deep clean of the pore which is amazing. We are now a raver of Kiehl’s!

Pixiebowuk Kiehls20206013_10155430549397660_2094139364_n

Crash Bandicoot

Our whole family has been loving crash!! A classic game that’s perfect for us all to enjoy! Liam finds the spinning and characters funny, Ethan loves to play the first few levels and of course, you guys already know about me and Luke’s love!! If you haven’t already read the post click here

 Saffron & Luke-123

Our little Liam has such big, lovely, curly, blonde hair! It’s gorgeous! But it does collect fluff, stickers and all sorts amongst the curls. He’s getting to the age where he hates having his hair brushed. I always did it in the bath when wet with conditioner but the monkeys had enough so I have been looking for a detangle spray that helps keep his curls nice and get out all these knots. A product doesn’t have a nasty strong small, or make his hair look greasy!

We are loving ASDAs own little angles leave in conditioner, we apply this to his damp hair and brush through all the knots making his curls lovely! His hair stays soft for days until the next wash, it doesn’t look greasy or frizzy and smells like coconuts! Just lush!


You all know I’m obsessed with candles I’ve been looking for a range of candle that has a strong smell that’s safe for me to burn all day with the kids being at home and these are amazing!! The smell super strong and the smell lingers around the house! There currently on special £1.75 at ASDA! I have the 3 scents Asda does my favourite has to be the Blue Fresh Ocean Breeze it’s lush and perfect for summer.


Cristalinas candles – cherry blossom, Warm Vanilla Cream, Fresh Ocean Breeze

Electric Tin Opener

Yes, I’m sad!! I know your properly thinking lazy git! But I hate, HATE opening tins with a tin opener I grew up with an electric one so going back to a manual my gosh! The tuna juice or water from sweetcorn leaks all over the side, the blade goes blunt and your wrestling with the tin, well not anymore for me! I was lucky enough to be sent this beauty to review and I bloody love it! It has a knife sharpener on the back, a bottle opener and of course opens your tins quickly without all the mess. It’s something I’ve been meaning to get for so long. Defiantly worth the buy!

“Just tattoo of us”

The new MTV show with Charlotte Crosby and her partner Bear has me and Luke cry laughing! 2 people go into the tattoo parlour and have pre-designed a tattoo for the other person, they don’t have a clue what it will be until it has been tattooed on them. It’s pure savage!!! You need to watch it, typical rubbish TV that will cheer you up!


As always, I love to hear what you’re loving!! Chat with me over social media!!





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