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Soft Playdoh Recipe | Family Activities

Playdoh is fun for all ages and provides hours of fun for kiddies I want to share with you my favourite recipe, one me and the kids often make from home! We love the recipe for sensory play!

We love playdoh but shop bought is expensive for how much we go through and doesn’t smell great. We love our Soft Playdoh Recipe! It smells lush and makes our hands feel lovely! Its super cheap to make but doesn’t last as long as salt playdoh, it has no preservatives but it’s so quick and easy to do. The kids love mixing the ingredients together.

What you will need!

4 mugs of corn-starch

2 mugs of conditioner (we like to use Alberta balsam as its cheap and the smells are lush!)

2 different food colourings

2 bowls and a spoon to mix

Little extra cornstarch if the mixture is too tacky to touch!

 Pixiebowuk - soft playdoh recipe

How to make it

Add 1 mug of conditioner into each bowl

Add a couple of drops of food colouring into the conditioner

Mix the two together until you have the colour you like

Add a cup of corn-starch at a time to each bowl mixing and adding as you go until it’s the perfect consistency

Knead the playdoh on a clean surface adding cornstarch if needed until its soft and ready to play with.

Store them in an airtight container. If you just want one colour half the ingredients.

We found a great website to download FREE playdoh mats to print off and laminate! Click Here


Don’t forget to send me your photos let me know how you get on hope you enjoy our recipe as much as we do!!



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