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Hello, my loves! This is for those of you who are planning your wedding, or someone like myself who likes nosing at what decorations and things people had at their wedding!! Whether you’re a DIY Bride or someone looking for ideas I hope you find this helpful!!

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting parts of the whole build up! Choosing colour schemes, picking flowers, your cake etc is all a way of showing you and your partner’s personality on your big day! It can be so expensive and overwhelming. Pinterest is the place for the ultimate wedding goals but often hard to source where things are from. Being a DIY Bride is so popular atm and it’s a lot easier then you think!

I want to share with you guys what we did for our wedding day, how I turned my Pinterest goals into our dream wedding, the choices we made while saving money. Also letting you in on a big secret which saved us a couple of hundred ££££s. I hope this can save you money!!

Save the dates & Invitations!!

I wish we got a photo of these!! For save the dates we made fridge magnets! They were both super easy to make I found the designs I liked on places like Pinterest re-created something similar and printed them all off and they looked impressive. They cost a fraction of the price to what we could have paid although a little time-consuming.


Yes, those of you who have me on social media will know I made the bouquets, they looked amazing and it means I can keep mine forever on display. They were a little tricky to do but my gosh they were so worth it. I am now making them for friends and family. Message me if you want help with yours!!

For the venue, I made cute little mason jars using random bits of vintage lace, flowers and hessian. We bought 4 bunches of gyp for super cheap and placed these in jars full of water balls. They added freshness to the venue and looked beautiful!

Table place names, decorations!!

We made our own place names & decorations, they were so easy to make designing them, printing, folding and decorating! We could off have spent a fortune on getting them done professionally but we are so glad we designed them ourselves and just went for it! On the day, the guests loved them.

For decorations, we scattered little crystal gems on the tables this added an elegant touch and helped tie everything together!

Our table names were inspired by my mum, she loved rare stones like amethysts and diamonds. So we called each table after a rare stone and it was just perfect. We got the frames from the pound shop, removed the glass and printed out the names of the tables finishing of the gems. They looked fab!

For favours, we had a few!! I had seen a couple of quirky ideas on Pinterest and had to have them! We made “for richer for poorer” cards that sat in front of everyone with a little chocolate coin. We made fortune tellers these reminded me so much of school days and I remember making some with my mum. We made them about our day, so we had different tabs inside talking about the entertainment, sweet cart, music etc

Our main favour were these cute Yankee style candles called “wedding day” they had a lovely floral scent and our guests were amazed at them, the perfect little keepsake to take home! We got them super cheap from the shop “home bargains”

Our sweet cart!! We saved a fortune doing it ourselves the sweet/popcorn bags were around £4 for a couple of hundred which was plenty. We spent around £50 on sweets we had loads!! We didn’t realise just how popular it would be, in hindsight I would have brought more sweets and kept some back for night time.

Saffron & Luke-208

Our cake!! I designed this myself! I wanted the same flowers from the bouquets, with a cluster on top and the odd one’s going around the tiers. The cake topper was also handmade a lovely friend came up with the idea and it really made our cake complete. We then had some subtle glitter around the cake… we all know I’m glitter made!

Saffron & Luke-216

Now, look at the photos…. Does it look like a wedding cake? DUN DUN DUNNNNN the big secret!!

It’s actually a 3 tired birthday cake and cost us £120 Instead of 400+ I am one of those who really isn’t fussed about cakes, cakes cake to me! So, couldn’t justify a massive amount of money on something that will just be chopped up after being on show a few hours, so I choose a birthday cake… Luke wasn’t overly impressed when I came home and said I had ordered a birthday cake for our wedding! But I said just wait till the big day!! Wait until you see it! We absolutely loved it! 

 Saffron & Luke-195

Confetti!! Yes, I am that crazy DIY bride who made their own confetti! Friends and family thought I was going crazy!! It took so so so much time like so much time I even roped Luke in to help but hey! I’m chuffed at least I can say I made everything!! Ha oh gosh, I sound crazy! Never again! But if you want to make your own its just tissue paper and a shaped hole punch we had hearts and flowers!!

My shoes!!! So, friends and family will know, I fractured my ankles, both of them weeks apart about 2 months before the wedding I was dreading wearing heels in case my ankles went, so flats it was, im lucky my dress was the perfect length!! I didn’t want to do the classic converse so I got these cute silk pumps and gemmed them up myself, changed the laces to the ribbon I used on my bouquet and they were perfect! Paired with frilly socks obvs!

Chat to me!! I’m making things for friend’s weddings and would love to help you save a ton of money and have your dream wedding!!


** All photos “Sally Eaves Weddings**

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  1. I was hoping you could send me some drafts of your invitations, I’m looking at making them myself, however I’m not overly creative and not really computer savvy

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