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Current Favourites & Obsessions | June 2017 

There are a few things I am loving at the mo! So why not share them with you lovely’s!

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance Pallet


I know it’s been hyped up so much already but my gosh it’s worth it! My dad got this for me for Christmas and it’s all I have been reaching for, apart from a few I’m testing out.

Obsessed, this pallet is so lush! It has amazing colours that are so pigmented, you can create a tonne of different looks from day to night, I just bloody love it!! This is one pallet I know I will be repurchasing time after time! The formula of the eyeshadows is perfect, they blend beautifully! Keep an eye out for some looks and tutorials soon, have a nose on my Instagram!

We all know I love candlessss


This one smells amazing!! Just like Pina colada and mangos!! My friends will tell you about my odd obsession! Luke kindly got me this for one of my gifts for Mother’s Day and I’ve been obsessed since! It smells super summery and fresh YUM!


Love island & Ex on the beach!

Yes, we are hooked on the Love Island hype! It’s the drama and how savage it is, we love how fast passed it is!! Well, last night we watched the first episode of ex on the beach and my gosh me and Luke were cry laughing. It’s like the equivalent of love island but with people who have been dropped on their heads as babies! I know that’s mean but there a different level of crazy and we loved it!!

Recently I have been mixing up my hairstyles, now my hairs getting super long and thick, down and straight sometimes looks super flat and lifeless! This hairspray has been an absolute babe!

Schwarzkopf – Got2b Happy Hour 24hour Hair Spray

A lovely hairdresser Jess recommended it to me and now it’s all I use. It smells lush, holds my hair in place and doesn’t go crispy and hard or look greasy shiny, it’s a winner for me!!

Pandora Jewellery!! My friends got me these super sweet infinity symbol earrings for my bridal shower!! There so beautiful I love them!! I also treated myself and my bestie to a bow ring (cute little friendship rings)! There super cute and look lovely with my other rings! You can get matching earrings too!! I love how feminine the jewellery is and how good quality they are! My Best friend also got me this super gorgeous bracelet that I have been so attached too as a wedding gift its beautifully, I’ve been wearing this alongside my Swarovski bracelet Luke brought me to wear on our wedding day!


Baking! I have got back into backing recently as Ethan is constantly asking for gingerbread men, rabbit cookies, Minion cakes, all things that can be a pain to get hold of at short notice! So I thought why not make it myself! It’s cheaper and nice knowing everything that is going inside them! Also, our house smells so lush after too! I’m finding it therapeutic!!

My new MacBook big thank you to Luke for buying me this old style Macbook!! I’ve never had anything Apple before but I love having my own Macbook to write all these blogs on and if I do get into doing videos then I know the editing software will be ace!!

I would love to know what you’re enjoying atm!



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