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Beauty Hacks 2 | Tips & Tricks | Need to know!

Beauty Hacks 2 | Tips & Tricks | Need to know!

After last month’s beauty hacks post I had so many of you ask for a round two! Well here it is my beauty’s, I hope you enjoy!

* If your Eyelashes are clumping together, use some tweezers to separate them, be super gentle around your eye area!

No slip bobby pin! Spray your hair grips with a little hairspray to help them stay in place longer!

Use a clean toothbrush to backcomb your hair and give it volume, perfect to travel with and cheaper than a back-comb brush too!

No dry shampoo? Talc powder will work in the same way by absorbing the oils from your hair! It can be a little messy tho! You don’t need much at all, just place some in your roots and give it a good brush through. If you have dark hair I would recommend blasting it with the hairdryer on a cold setting after to blow away any excess.

Apply a shadow the same colour as your brows to your roots and hairline to give the illusion of fuller hair and a smaller forehead. This is also a great trick to do when you haven’t had a chance to have your roots redone.


Your favourite mascara is drying up but you don’t want to part with it yet! Take some eye drops, Micellar water or some Fix plus and place a few drops into your mascara, give it a good shake. Your mascara will last a lot longer!! Get some Fix plus here

White eyeliner in the corner of your eyes and along your lower lash line can really open up your eyes and make you look more awake! Super quick and easy to fake the I’ve had sleep look!


Make your perfume last all day on your body! This is perfect for nights out when you don’t want to take your perfume out with you, apply Vaseline to the places on your body where you would apply perfume, so the wrists, inside of elbows, neck and behind the ear. Spray on your perfume to those areas and it will last so much longer!


Before shaving always try to soak your hair follicles. Exfoliate for a cleaner smoother shave! If you have a bath, squirt in some baby oil (be careful getting in and out as can be slippery) this will leave your legs feeling soo moisturised when you get out, there’s no need to moisturise!

Mix up your hair products! Change your shampoo and conditioner every so often, your hair gets used to the same products. I would say half way through put them away and start another brand or style, then switch back you will notice such a difference in your hair!

I love to hear how you get on with these little hacks! Is there any you found useful! Let’s chat contact me via social media or comment bellow I love hearing from you guys!


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