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6 High Heel Hacks | No More Sore Feet!

6 High Heel Hacks | No More Sore Feet!

You guys have been loving these hack & top tips posts! Your feedback has been amazing so a huge thank you to you!!

If you’re like me who loves wearing pretty shoes but worry and panic about the pain that comes with them, then you will love my top tips and tricks that will help relieve your sore feet!

  • Wear two pairs of socks and your heels for half hour at a time around the house before your big night out. This will help to stretch and break them in. If you haven’t got time to do it over a few days blasting a hair dryer to warm them up around your feet. This is a great trick and will make the material easier to stretch. If you blast it with cold air once you’re done it will help to set them.


  • If you have any tough parts inside your shoes that stick out and irritate your feet grab a wax candle and rub it over those areas to help soften them up.


Ice Cold water on your feet after a night out!!

  • Do you have heels with a high back and you’re worried about your shoes rubbing and cutting the delicate part of your heel? Instead of covering them up with plasters and blister pads, (no matter how hard you try to hide them people will always see the buggers poking out from the back of your shoes).  Rub a deodorant stick over your heel and it will stop them from rubbing!!! You can buy mini travel ones to keep in your handbag. Honestly, give it a go.


  • Strap your 3rd and 4th toe together with some tape, or a plaster to help relieve the burning pain you get in your feet. Honestly, this works amazingly! Scientifically, there’s a nerve that goes between your 2nd to last toe and your baby toe that causes the pain when too much pressure is being applied. By strapping the 3rd and 4th together your helping the weight distribute more evenly not giving you that horrid burning pain in the balls of your feet!

No one wants sore feet when partying!!


  • At an event like a wedding and you heels are sinking into the grass, instead of tilting your feet forward so your weight isn’t on your heels causing pain to the balls of your feet and strain on your ankles you can buy heel stoppers these spread out the weight of your heel and give you a little platform.  Your heels won’t sink into the mood ruining your shoes. Stand comfortably without the worry or pain.


  • Invest in some good old foot pads the gel type! If you place them in the fridge for 20mins when you wear your shoes they will help a lot. Alternatively, if your at a wedding all day and your worried your feet will start to hurt try this hack. If you have space in your bag freeze a pair and put in a tight zip lock bag. Pull them out dry them off and place in your shoes. The coolness with help so much with the pain and give you some added comfort!


That’s it my loves! Now we all know heels are going to hurt. No pain no gain and all that. But I hope these little hacks help you experience less pain! I would love to hear how you get on!


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