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15 Beauty Hacks you need to know! |Tips & Tricks

15 Beauty Hacks you need to know! |Tips & Tricks

BEAUTY HACKS!! I had such amazing feedback from my “10 ways to get longer hair” post & “How to get the false lash effect” I just had to share with you all some of my beauty tips and tricks!!

Use a hair grip on a makeup brush to make it the perfect highlight brush! This creates a thin but dense brush, perfect for applying the highlight. Super handy when travelling! Just don’t leave the grips on as could damage the original shape of the brush when left for too long. 

Hair grips the wrong way! I had been using grips wrong for years, hair grips work so much better when turned the other way round and the flat side is showing, especially if you’re like me who has thick, heavy hair that’s silky and drops out of grips easily… try it, you will see a difference!

Bad Hair Day?

Dry shampoo is a great way to help give your hair volume. It’s a common trick but one people often forget about. I like to tip my head upside down and give it a spritz with dry shampoo. I find doing this gives it volume and texture which I need with my hair being so heavy, it can often look flat.

Cut the end of a product! So, I’m a super scrimper I like to make sure I have got every bit of product out before I throw it away. If it’s a plastic tube you can cut the top of and place it back on to use as a cap, this way you can scope out the product that’s left but also keep it airtight. Also with glass jar foundations, I prop them upside down with the lid of over a small plastic container to catch the last of the product. You can get these cheap on eBay!

” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder “

Use a baby toothbrush on your lips to remove the dry dead skin! This will leave them feeling lovely and soft, make sure to apply a lip balm after.

Make your own lip scrub, wet your brush place it in a little pot of sugar and brush it over your lips! Tastes good and leaves your lips lovely and soft!

Fix plus used with eyeshadow instantly makes them more pigmented and stand out more! Spray your brush with some Mac Fix plus and then apply your eyeshadow, you will see from the photo below the difference fix plus has on making any shadow really pop!

Always wax your eyebrows the day before an event. When you wax your brows it removes a layer of skin along with the hairs, when you come to apply makeup it won’t stick and set as well so try to get them done the day before giving them time to heal and the skin to go back to normal.


When painting nails with polish, blowing on them will make them dry slower, this is because our breath is warm it will slow down drying speed by heating the polish up stopping it from drying.

Cold water will dry wet nails in seconds!

If you smudge your nail a little while there drying, place it on your tongue, it will warm up the polish and straighten out any smudges

Use a translucent powder over lipstick to make any colour matte. This is so perfect for occasions when you have the perfect colour but you wished It looked matte, take a tissue and pull the layers apart so you have a very thin layer, place this over your lips and dust translucent setting powder over the top. This will set your lips, making them look matte and help your lipstick stay on longer!

Dry brushes upside down to get the longest life out of them, gravity will pull the water downwards stopping it from going into the brush effecting the glue holding your bristles together. You can buy handy brush stands from eBay China for a couple of ££s.

” Be your own kind of beautiful”

Use aloe lips on your eyebrows and eyelashes to help them grow, I have mentioned this in my eyelash routine but it really does work! 

When you apply bottom eyeliner it tends to wear off quick this is because of the smooth formula, take an eyeshadow in the matching colour and press it onto the liner, this will set it in place!

Want your perfume to linger on you longer, spritz your hairbrush, not too much and comb through your hair halfway down to the ends. This will make you smell lush as perfume clings better to hair than skin. I don’t recommend you spray the air above you and stand in it (something I used to do) as the perfume will settle on your roots and may make your hair greasy quicker.


As always I would love to hear your hacks bellow!! I have a lot more I would love to share with you, if you would like to see part 2 please let me know! I hope you found this interesting and helpful!


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