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Where have I been? | Disappeared? | IM BACK!

Hello Beauty’s it’s been what feels like months!

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet. A lot has happened!!

So, what’s been going on in my crazy world? As you may know, we have been planning and getting ready for our wedding on the 28th April 2017, I can now finally say “I get married this month”

Amongst all the planning and wedding faff we have been super hectic with work, the monkeys etc.!

My family & friends all joke that I have the worst luck in the world… well, I do! I managed to fracture both ankles 4 weeks apart, impressive I know! That’s slowed me down so much, everything seems to be taking me twice as long to do! Now I’m back! I’m on the mend, wedding prep is starting to fall into place. I have so much to talk and tell you about! EEEEK!


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