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How to get the false lash effect! | How I get the perfect lashes!

How to get the false lash effect! | How I get the perfect lashes! Are you wearing false lashes?

I get soo many comments, how do you get them looking so long and thick?!


I think it’s about time I tell you all! So I’m naturally lucky, I do have nice eyelashes but since I have been doing this little routine they look a lot nicer when applying mascara. The condition of them has improved, they don’t noticeably fall out and seem to have grown a lot!

Not many people do this but I shampoo and condition both my brows and eyelashes, of course, I use baby tear free formula as I wouldn’t dare put anything normal near my eyes. I have found the condition of them has been so much nicer and I’ve seen such an improvement in growth. I recommend doing this once a week, applying the smallest amount and being super gentle.

 In-between wearing mascara I like to put on a lip balm that has aloe in it, I find this also helps them grow as the aloe is getting into the eyelash follicles stimulating and enriching it with goodness. It improves the condition of them and keeps them nice and soft. I believe that when you wear mascara and then remove it, much like the hair on your head you’re taking away its natural oils leaving them dry, this is when your eyelashes can become brittle, snap or fall out.


Some of my eyelashes are too long like I feel I need to trim them (I don’t) especially my bottom lashes they’re crazy. I kid you not I found a super long blonde eyelash that’s grown out of nowhere, me and my partner found it very funny and odd!

Okay, so my Makeup routine when it comes to eyelashes!

Before applying mascara, I like to use a tinted eyelash primer I absolutely love “Benefit They’re Real! Tinted mascara primer.” Its Brown in colour, I find this is amazing at covering the lashes and getting them separated, lifted and ready for mascara! It’s a super light formula that doesn’t feel heavy on. I also love to wear this on days I’m going for a natural look! 

When my eyelash primer is completely dry, I like to take my “Tweezerman Great Grip Eyelash Curlers” and curl my lashes very gently from the root. It’s so important that your eyelashes are completely dry for this as they can stick to the curlers and you could rip them out.

Once I have curled them, I will take my mascara of choice, I’m currently using “Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara” I have a sample of this and have been loving it! It makes my lashes look so full of volume, wispy and lifted, it gives great length and thickness! I think I’ve found my holy grail!! Once It has finished I will be buying the full size. So, I like to do side to side motions while brushing through my lash line to really get the product through the lashes, separate them all and get them curling up.

For the top of the lashes

I like to take the wand and coat my lashes downwards, I find it makes the black look more intense and stand out more. I push down to really get my lashes to go through the brush, this helps to separate and curl them.  Next, I turn the brush on its side to do the outer corner lashes and to help separate any that may have stuck together.

I normally like a mascara that I don’t need to apply multiple coats, I don’t like the chunky lash look on myself personally, I don’t think it suits my eyes and the length of my lashes. I like my lashes to look long, thick and fluttery. For my bottom lashes, if I’m going out-out then I will apply black and try and push them up so they curl under a little, if its day to day then I will use the eyelash primer on my base only because they are so long, they can look a little spider-like when I haven’t got a full face of makeup on!


And that is everything, I hope you found this useful! I’m always looking for new mascaras to try out, I would love to hear what your current favourites are in the comments below!


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