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10 Ways To Get Longer hair! | Hair Goals! | Long, Shiny, Healthy Hair!

My top 10 secrets on how to have long, thick and healthy hair!

Hello, lovely’s I get so many compliments on my hair, it’s something I take a lot of pride in. Don’t get me wrong 90% of the time it is scraped on top of my head in a mummy bun but when it is down I like it to look perfect.

I’m going to let you in on some tips & tricks for things I do on my hair that work amazingly! My hair naturally is very thick, frizzy and hard to control! Its wield. It turns into a nest when I sleep and gets tangled so so easily!

  1. So, I like to try and wash my hair once a week. I will try and leave it a full week…. “Saff that’s gross” but it doesn’t get greasy until at least 9 days after washing (unless it’s the time of the month). I found this out after a long hospital visit. Yes, it was gross but my hair has never been better since! The longer you leave your hair between washes to trust me the better condition your hair will look and feel. When you wash your hair you’re losing a lot of the natural oils from your scalp, in turn, will come back quicker making it greasy!

Train your hair!

  1. I like to wash my hair twice with lukewarm water because I have so much of it! I feel the first lot of shampoo just gets off all the product and washes the top layer, and then the second really gives it a deep clean. When applying shampoo, give your head a little massage to help stimulate the hair follicles, this encourages hair growth. I like to apply a good amount of conditioner all over my hair and then bung it up in a top knot!



  1. Leaving the conditioner in for at least 5 mins (the longer the better), I will wash it out with lukewarm water and finish off with blasting my hair with water as cold as I can take it. This helps to close all the hair follicles preventing hair loss. This will also leave your hair super shiny, silky and healthy!
  2. I will never brush my hair in the shower! The reason why is when your hair is wet and warm the hair follicles open and are super sensitive. You may have noticed you lose the most hair when in the shower! It’s important to be very gentle when you’re washing it.



  1. When I get out of the shower I don’t grab a towel for my hair… oh no I raid my partner’s wardrobe!! A large t-shirt it’s the best way to dry your hair!! I open the t-shirt up and put my hair in the middle and wrap it into a towel type turban. The reason I won’t use a towel is that I find it feels too harsh on my hair and can cause breakages.

Oils are amazing for your hair!

  1. When my hair is damp I like to use argan oil, just a little bit on the ends of my hair, I find this helps my split ends a lot!
  2. I try not to dry my hair with heat! I would rather go to bed with slightly damp hair than to use my hairdryer, you all know the less heat for your hair the better! Only will I brush my hair when it’s completely dry!
  3. I try to only apply heat once or twice max before I wash my hair again or sometimes not at all, it depends on what I have on, I’m one of these if I straighten my hair I mean business. Before applying heat, I will spray leave in conditioner which is also a heat protector and apply any straightening balms I want to use.

Hagrid Hair!!


Naturel Hagrid Hair



  1. I swear by the hair bobbles that look like telephone cables… they’re amazing! I have used them for years, I no longer get headaches, my hair never gets tangled and I don’t get left with a kink in my hair! Scrunches are also a great option!
  2. I sleep with my hair up in a little lose bun, on the top of my head, I move lots when I sleep and the pillow can cause your hair to matt, frizz and break. Silk pillowcases can help with this.

So there you have it, everything I do to my hair!! I hope you got some use out of this post and I would love to hear your hair hacks, let me know in the comments below!!



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