Back to school Stationary Haul | Pound World| Marble, Rose Gold & Pineapple!

Stationary Haul! Affordable Back to school! Rose Gold, Pineapple, Marble

Going back to education or work after a long break is always mixed emotions, you’re excited for a fresh year and to see your friends but also missing the late nights and lye ins!

Stationary and getting ready for the new year is the best part!! Well, it always was for me! I love finding cute quirky things to show my personality and to make working that little more enjoyable! There’s nothing better than a fresh notepad and new pens!


Obviously, I’m not going back to school. I won’t be going to college or Uni, but I wanted new stationary for the work I do from home! I love to get organised it’s so satisfying, I know these beautys will help!!

PixieBowUk Pound world Stationary Haul Rose Gold, Marble, Pineapple Flamingo (4)

Pound world have an amazing collection of stationary! If you’re a lover of Marble, Rose gold, Pineapples & Unicorns then you would love some of the stuff they have in their stores now!

When we visited I could have gone crazy on folders and pads but I decided to just go with the ones I’m about to talk about that I know I will be able to get good use from! The stuff is selling out pretty fast so I do urge you go ASAP, some of the things I have seen on the advertisement poster they didn’t have in store as I think they had sold out that day.

All the things I bought are great quality and under £2.00 they had all different size books, ring binders, wallets, pencil cases etc. For the price its all amazing I wish we had this sort of stuff around when I was at school!

Have a look at their website here – Pound World

A4 Weekly Planner £0.75p

An A4 Pineapple Aloha Ring Binder with pineapple detail on the inside £2

This Cute A4 Marble Note Book – Perfectly Imperfect £1

PixieBowUk Pound world Stationary Haul Rose Gold, Marble, Pineapple Flamingo (2)

A4 Asymmetric Rose Gold Note Book – Extremely Busy £1

PixieBowUk Pound world Stationary Haul Rose Gold, Marble, Pineapple Flamingo (5)

A5 Rose Gold Flamingo Academic Diary weekly view £1

Let me know what you managed to get your hands on! I would love to see your pics!






  1. September 3, 2017 / 11:47 PM

    Lovely post! I did a similar blog post on my blog, I’d love you to check it out x

    • PixieBowUK
      September 4, 2017 / 9:13 AM

      Thankyou sweetie! I would love to send me the link lovely xx

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